Ass Clown of the Week: Pomeranian-Stomping Joseph Bentley

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Readers agree, Joseph Bentley is a dog -- and not a cute one like the little Pomeranian he stomped to death last week.
Joseph Bentley has won Daily RFT's coveted Ass Clown of the Week award.

Forty-three percent of readers voted for Bentley after the Hannibal man was charged with stomping his girlfriend's Pomeranian to death last week. 

Second place went to Missouri state senator Tom Dempsey for sponsoring a measure that would require doctors to ask women for a list of reasons why they wanted an abortion.

Other receiving votes included...

The teenager who punched RFT staffer Keegan Hamilton in the face last week and accused rapist Carnell Reed.

See all the nominees and view the election results here.

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