BBB: Missouri is Puppy Mill Capital of U.S.

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The Better Business Bureau is out with a scathing report on the dog-breeding industry in Missouri.

According to the BBB, Missouri is home to 30 percent of federally licensed dog breeders in the United States. That's four times the number of dog breeders found in the next highest state.

State law requires that all of Missouri's 1,800 dog-breeding facilities be examined once a year, but the state has only 13 inspectors who must juggle their inspections with other duties. As a result many of the breeders go unchecked.

A survey by the BBB suggests that Missouri officials must inspect twice as many kennels as their counterparts in other states.

The lack of oversight allows for haunting tales such as that of a mega-breeder in southwest Missouri said to buy and sell 90,000 puppies a year.  

The breeder, Hunte Corp., is located in the small town of Goodman in the southwest corner of the state near the borders of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Per the BBB:

Hunte, which delivers puppies to pet stores via 18-wheeler semis, has been the target of several suits filed by animal welfare activists and pet store owners alleging that the company delivered sick puppies.

The there's the example of the aptly named "Doo Little Kennel" near Rolla, where the BBB says federal inspectors found 103 violations during seven inspections in less than two years.

So what can be done to rein in the puppy mill industry in Missouri? The BBB makes the following recommendations:
  • That both the U.S. and Missouri Departments of Agriculture more aggressively pursue penalties against repeat offenders.
  • That Missouri consider raising annual licensing fees which have remained the same since the program of regulating dog breeders and sellers began 17 years ago.
  • That in seeking a puppy, consumers also consider "adopting" a pet from an animal shelter.
  • That Missouri consider legislation, if necessary, to streamline the process for penalizing repeat offenders, while still allowing for due process.

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How about we try to stay on topic here is that to much to ask to the uneducated report your wrong doings else where this is a blog for people in politics to report finding none which apply to kindergartners tact's such as who you people buy from.  Read the TOPIC people your post are being flagged and your stupidity is showing, trying to muddle though post after post of people on a witch hunt trying to find the legitimate  postings  the discussion do you post just wherever you choose?  Gain some respect for people who are actively trying to read the topic..Shhh


My experience with the Whatleys began in the spring of 2009. (They had not registered with this site at the time or I would have left a review sooner.) We picked out a puppy, sent a deposit and excitedly waited for the shipping day. The day our puppy was expected to be shipped we received a call saying that there had been a "delay". A few days later and no further communication from them, we began impatiently calling and requesting updates. Excuse after excuse was given, until finally they said the puppy had died. She said we could pick another available puppy or have our deposit returned. We chose the deposit. Then the excuses began again... they sent the money, it should arrive shortly, my husband is not working, and all the way to a boy from their neighborhood had passed and they were helping the family and consequently did not have money to send at the time. I was very understanding and even set-up a monthly payment plan for them to return our money. But after 8 months of constant excuses we eventually gave up. We contacted the BBB and they refused to respond to our case so it was "closed without response". I wish I could have written this review then and saved many others their obviously hurtful latter experiences.


I purchased a miniature dachshund puppy in Dec of 2010 from Abigail Whatley from Mooresville Missouri and she HAND WROTE me a receipt starting that is was akc registered and that she would mail me the papers and then signed that receipt. For the last 6 months, I have received many excuses: she has put the papers in the mail twice (me not receiving anything), her not receiving them back (with the return address), she had to check with the post office, the post office couldn't do anything because it wasn't certified mail, She was sick and in the hospital for a week, She was iced-in and couldn’t get to the post office, then she didn't get all three of my e-mails from two different accounts. It was a different excuse every time I called her! I just called the akc registration people and they said that she has not registered a litter of puppies since AUG of 2010 and my puppy was born in NOV of 2010. SHE IS A LIAR!!! and no one should purchase her FAKE akc registered puppies. And the puppy had Worms when we received him, which is not illegal but very unprofessional! And he husband start bragging to my husband about how they have 84 dogs and that they live in there own house that is set up kind of like a chicken house. I consider that very inhuman! I would love to see her Puppy-Mill shut down.  She has a web-site called and sells on many other websites as well.   I'm glad to find that there are many other complaints on the internet about her and that I'm not the only one who has had problems with her.   I didn’t know that it was a puppy mill when I purchased the puppy because she said that it was hand-raise with her two twin grandchildren -YEAH RIGHT!  She was dis-honest with me and I hope that her puppy mill gets shut down by Animal control soon. Thank You.

Robin Reid
Robin Reid

I would advise anyone who is looking to purchase a dachshund to NOT purchase from Mary Myers/Lil Fairy Tail Doxies nor her mother Abigale Whatley/Candy Coated Doxies because they will not send you any of the things they promised; namely papers showing that you have purchased a thorough breed dachshund. They will treat you like their new best friends and tell you that you are different from other people they talk too and that they want to stay in touch with you. It is a big sham - I have been trying for over 2 years to get the papers for 2 pups I purchased from this mother and daughter breeders. Every week it was one excuse after another as to why she couldn't send them. She also told me they would ship free = then told me she didn't have to money to ship them and that if I paid for them t be sent COD she would send the money back to me ASAP. Haven't seen a dime of this money yet

charles beyerbach
charles beyerbach

dear Rhonda dogs are companions not something you raise to say gee look at what i did what kind of ego do you have that you need this to keep your self seving actions to support you quit looking at them as something you have domain over but a friend you share your life with

Shelley Powers
Shelley Powers

This is a late comment, sorry. Missed the story.

Actually, the Hunte Corporation isn't a breeder, it is a puppy broker. Puppies come in on Monday and get shipped out by semi by the weekend.

Of course, if the animals do have any diseases that don't show right away, they're shipped before the disease shows, spreading the infection to other dogs, and not showing up until in the pet stores. Or in the owners hands.

If the puppy survives. Sick puppies are unlikely to make it through the shipping process.

Undercover videos on the Hunte Corporation:

Ronda Brooks, frankly, I wouldn't believe anything you say if you paid me in solid gold. Regardless, next time, if you're going to write a book, can you do so in your own space? Or at least, stay on topic?

Donna D.
Donna D.

Since I read a reference to Denisa Malott and her experience with an HSUS raid, I thought I'd let everyone know that the HSUS's tactics backfired on them and her case was dismissed today. But if they think they can just walk away from what they have done, they are grossly mistaken.

In reference to the comment I just read by Jack C, I would mention that all of the reputable breeders organizations in Missouri and Arkansas (and I'm sure many other organizations around the nation) have made public denouncements of irresponsible breeders. Reputable breeders never want to see any animal abused or not cared for, but there are some substandard breeders who do not. Just as there are some parents who don't adequately care for their children.

It would be wise for any animal lover to really check out the HSUS, other ALARM (Animal Liberation/Animal Rights Movement) groups and some rescue groups. Although most rescue groups are doing their work for the right reasons, there are many who are not. They are not as interested in animal welfare as they are in power, control and money can be made by showing their propaganda pictures. I was a naive, staunch supporter of HSUS until I did my own research. Some of you who commented here should do the same. And the BBB should be "spanked" for their article. Their article only shows their ignorance of the facts about the breeders in Missouri, and their foolishness to expose that ignorance in such a public forum.

Jack C
Jack C

To the "reputable" breeders in MO: Instead of defending the poor practices of these breedeers that are destroying the breeeds and producing sick animals I suggest that you work towards closing themn down. This way they will not impede on your reputable businesses.


I bought four puppies from Abigail whatley her website is I paid for them in full. She refuses to send me the pups because they are to old now to send. So I asked her since she cannot send me the pups if she would please send me back my money I paid for them she said she would after they sold. I have recently gone to her website to see if they were listed yet and they have all been removed also they are not listed on puppyfind that is where else she lists pups to sell. I have sent invoices from paypal so she could send back my money and she cancells them all. This person has been doing this to several other people. I also hear she is not licensed to sell pups she has alot of dogs.

Dachsie Dawn told me to contact the missouri BBB they had the same problem with her


Having announce your article, has learnt suited for itself a allowance a a good of the new. Unfortunately, something has not understood. Where you took this poop and where it is possible to present more?

Ronda Brooks
Ronda Brooks

Information came out later that ther reason the HSUS "confiscated" these horses was that they had some mud on their legs. Imagine that! One of the worst winters we have seen in years which did indeed have our area's more muddy than usual. Yes the horses had access to dry/clean stables but being the "animals" they are they prefered to take a nice jont through the mud. You can read interviews from the HSUS where they talk about wanting animals to all live natural in the wild. Animals do get muddy in the wild. That being said if this is truly what the HSUS wants why to the propose more and more to have the animals in a almost sterile/ hospital like setting? Why because they know most will not force their animals to live like this and in turn go out of business. Thus the HSUS gets what they want in the end.

Ronda Brooks
Ronda Brooks

This is the HSUS at work. We do not want them to get control of our animals! Jolley: They Shoot Horse (Owners), Don�t They? 04/05/2010 07:32AM Average rating:

Soon after I learned about the Denisa Malott case, I interviewed Wayne Pacelle, the chief exec at the Humane Society of the United States. I asked him for an update on the dramatic seizure of her horses late last fall.

Q. You�ve been active in the equine industry, too, most notably assisting with the seizure of some 2 dozen horses in northern Arkansas. After a lot of news coverage about the incident, it seems to have faded from public view. Can you bring me up-to-date on the situation?

Pacelle. Reports of abused and neglected animals in Arkansas are investigated and prosecuted by local, elected authorities. Holly Meyer, deputy prosecuting attorney for the 16th Judicial District, made the decision to file felony charges against Denisa Malott, owner of the OK Corral, without consulting The HSUS. The HSUS assisted in seizing 25 horses at the request of the Stone County Sheriff's Office.

We were asked to temporarily house the animals. The HSUS requested $1,900 in restitution to cover the cost of care over 30 days and Coggins tests for each animal, at a rate of $24 per animal; the request reflected that we spent approximately $1.73 per horse, per day, to feed and care for the herd; well below the amount we actually spent. The restitution sought excluded labor, travel, and veterinary expenses.

A few things bothered me. Malott was charged with 25 felonies for animal abuse under a new Arkansas law. Twenty-five felonies! That�s some serious stuff. Murderers, thieves and distributors of dope have to work overtime to earn that kind of notoriety. I wanted to meet this woman so I drove down to Mountain View, Arkansas and sat down with her to hear what she had to say for herself.

Malott was facing some heavyweight charges, especially for a woman who has worked with horses for over 40 years. Even though she was offered a plea bargain � the authorities offered to drop the indictment if she would plead guilty to a single misdemeanor, a sure sign that the case had been mishandled from the beginning � she refused and stands ready to fight. She was still shaken by the incident and struggling to pay rapidly mounting legal bills when we met. We sat down at her kitchen table and talked about the day the sheriff paid a call.

The raid

It was swift and draconian. A search warrant was served by Sheriff Todd Hudspeth at 10 AM on November 12. Malott was stunned but suspected it had been initiated by Beverly Chapman, a woman with whom she had a previous business deal that had ended poorly. She asked that Chapman not be allowed on her property.

The first odd event: The sheriff said he couldn�t prevent Chapman from coming onto the property. Later, a deputy following a directive from an insistent Desiree Bender, The HSUS' Arkansas state director, demanded that Malott leave. �On your own or we will escort you,� he said.

Malott retreated to a spot just down the road to watch. The sheriff left before the actual search took place. Three deputies and a Fish and Game officer stayed to make sure Malott obeyed the conditions of the warrant. HSUS personnel conducted the search, going through her store and grounds. Several people demanded to know where she had buried her dead horses. �I don�t have any dead horses,� was Malott�s shocked reply.

Before she was ordered to leave her property, a frightened but still cooperative Malott gave them a walk-through of the grounds, her barn and tack room, answering their questions as they went.

By noon, the group had worked their way back to the store and asked for a variety of documents. The search became much more intrusive at that point, including questions about an empty bird cage and videotaping the contents of the freezer on her porch.

The raid on Malott�s property was actually a second choice by the groups behind it. Their first choice was to seize horses that she pastured in Izard County. The Izard County sheriff refused to cooperate with a complaint had been made through the Baxter County Sheriff�s office. Confused? Apparently lots of people were confused throughout the entire process.

A second odd event: At this point, what could be called �legal piling on� happened. In an unbelievable coincidence, Aletha Scott, a state tax auditor, arrived and talked with Malott about a business foreclosure. Scott was responding to a complaint that had been received by her supervisor about non-payment of sales tax. Malott explained that she was on a tax payment plan; Scott said a decision had been made to rescind the agreement and demanded an immediate payment of over $8000 to �keep your doors open�.

Malott�s friends suspected a well-planned vendetta orchestrated by Beverly Chapman.

While her house was being searched, video-taped and photographed, other HSUS personnel went to Big Springs to check her four horses and 20 ponies that were pastured on Joe Wiles� property. Clearly overstepping the legal boundaries of any search warrant, they told Wiles they could search his home because of the warrant allowing them access to Malott�s property. He refused to allow them entry, but they searched his barn without his approval or the legal nicety of a search warrant.

The third odd event: A vet arrived at the Malott property and after a quick walk through, told the HSUS people that all the horses had parasites. It was a visual check, only. No tests were performed and when Malott�s vet tried to track him down she could not find his credentials in the state of Arkansas. In fact, he had retired years earlier from his practice in Missouri. . A confused Sheriff Hudspeth had given her the wrong name.

Malott boarded a few horses and when their owners heard about the raid, many of them were quick to arrive at the scene to try to claim them. They were denied access to their animals, though, and authorities on site said since the business was in �lock-down� no horses could be removed. A group called Rescue Wranglers and HSUS�s concerns were effectively trumping property rights during the seizure.

By 6 that evening the raid was over and Malott�s horse, including nine horses owned by others, were gone. She was never given permission or told she could return. When she and her friends heard the vehicles leave, they went to investigate. Only then did she know everyone had left and taken most of her business documents as well as her horses. She found only a single piece of paper on the stove with a description of the horses but no information about where they were being pastured. She told me that she also found a piece of yellow lined paper that stated the sheriff had also taken some of her files. There was no itemized list and she�s never been given any information about what they took.

An hour later, Malott, accompanied by family and friends, visited the Sheriff�s office to find out what charges had been filed and where her horses had been taken. Deputy Burnett said no charges had been filed, he didn�t know where the horses were.

The raid was immediately heralded by the Humane Society of the United States in a press release. The Society claimed that they �along with the Stone County Sheriff's Office, The Rescue Wranglers and the Humane Society of Missouri, removed 25 horses from O.K. Trading Post, a trail riding business, on Highway 14 in Mountain View, Ark., Thursday.�

The release also erroneously claimed the horses are being taken to �The Rescue Wranglers' pasture in White Hall, Ark., where they will receive the attention they deserve.�

Desiree Bender, the HSUS' Arkansas state director said, "The horses were living in deplorable conditions; many of the horses were suffering from saddle sores, were underweight and weren't being cared for properly,"

Bender seemed unaware that the horses were being pastured in an area on highway 87 that was too small for the number of animals, especially since a good portion of it was wooded. A ready source of clean water was not available; neither was a consistent supply of food adequate to feed 25 horses.

At a hearing and following up on requests by Malott�s legal counsel, the county authorities were asked to show the �number of complaints that had been filed with the sheriff's office about the animals' care over the past month,� that were the basis for the charges. No paperwork was produced.

Ready, fire, aim

The seizure of 25 horses is a spectacular news event, especially in a small Arkansas town. Bringing the potent media firepower of the HSUS to Mountain Home meant a Mark Lane-like �Rush to Judgment.� The mere fact that the horses were seized, taking them into protective custody before any damage was proven, colored her as guilty in people�s eyes even before charges were levied.

The seizure took place on November 12. The first court hearing didn�t take place until December 8, a curiously mishandled affair at the Stone Country Fairgrounds. With over 100 people attending, the courthouse wasn�t large enough to handle the crowd. Ill prepared authorities had set out just 20 chairs. No one had expected the much larger crowd.

The vendetta against Malott continued. Kathy Drew of Ozark Gateway Magazine called and said she had received a mysterious email discrediting Denisa and suggesting she not be allowed to advertise with them.

Faced with rebuilding a business paper trail that had been removed by the sheriff�s department, Malott first went to get copies of her feed tickets from her feed store then called her vet, Dr. Beverly Chevallier, and asked her to check the horses. Dr. Chevallier�s call to Sheriff Hudspeth met a dead end. Hudspeth said he couldn�t tell her where the horses� were but they had been vetted by a mysterious Dr. Shoemaker.

The mystery was cleared up later. Dr. Shoemaker was the name given to Dr. Chevallier by Hudspeth. When she checked him out on the list of licensed Arkansas vets show found no one by that name licensed in Arkansas. It was only at the hearing a few weeks later that that Dr. Chevallier learned she had been given the wrong name.

On November 18 charges were filed and bail was set at $20,000. Malott turned herself in and with the help of her friend Bob Davis, posted bail.

The fourth odd event: The Humane Society seemed to have no idea where the horses were being kept. Faced with the cost of transporting 25 horses to a site 3 hours south of Mountain View and the care and feeding of that many animals, they were not taken to the Rescue Wrangler�s White Hall site as stated in the HSUS press release. They were dropped off on a pasture on Highway 87 near Denisa Malott�s now decimated business. Malott and some friends drove to the site and took photos of her horses and the poor condition of the pasture.

How involved was Beverly Chapman? I can�t be sure. She drove by the pasture and watched them from her truck. When Malott got home there was a message on her answering machine. �I hope you rot in hell,� it said. Malott recognized the voice as Beverly Chapman�s. More than a sincere concern about the welfare of the horses, it was beginning to look more and more like a personal grudge being executed by a person with the connections and money to create havoc.

Putting some distance between herself and the rapidly unraveling case, Chapman put a two-week ad in the Stone County Leader saying she was no longer responsible for Malott�s horses. At this point, the only person who seemed to be concerned for the welfare of 25 animals was the woman who was now facing 25 counts of felony animal abuse.

Lies, damn lies and no feed: The seized horses were supposed to be placed under expert care with regular access to clean water and a sufficient supply of food. It was an implied promise that didn�t seem to be kept. Malott and Smith spoke with Jerry Linville who had rented the pasture for the Rescue Wranglers. He said Chapman told him the horses were coming in from Missouri. It was only after the seizure that he knew they were Malott�s.

When he realized no one had been feeding the horses, he brought over six square bales of hay and called Jim Brunson of Rescue Wranglers. The horses, forced to scrounge for what little forage remained in an overgrazed pasture, were nearing starvation. Brunson brought in 8-10 round bales of hay while a concerned Malott was at the Highway 87 location. The Wranglers still showed some concern but HSUS seemed to have left a lot of the care and feeding of the animals to others.

�I knew we had a problem.� That's what Sheriff Hudspeth said to Malott when she told him that Beverly Chapman might have engineered the seizure. He also told her that Chapman had been ordered to stay away from the horses or be arrested. Hudspeth also seemed to be confused about the status of HSUS, saying to several people that he cooperated with them because he thought they were a government agency.

Thanksgiving was the first bright spot of the ordeal for Malott. The Sheriff gave her permission to bring the Izard County horses back to her OK Trading Post and restart her heavily damaged business. She was still haunted by the aftermath of the seizure, though. Customers told her that people at Blanchard Caverns and several other places told them her business was shut down because of �horrible conditions.� Even one of the local newspapers, The Stone County Leader, lifted the HSUS article straight from the HSUS website, and published it as their report of the seizure without asking her what had happened.

The excitement about getting her horses back was quickly tempered, though when, on Thanksgiving Day, Malott learned of the first legal hearing on Dec. 8 at the Stone County Fairgrounds to establish custody of her horses. She had received no formal notification. To this date, she has never received any personal notification in any form from anyone, other than her lawyer, about any court dates or hearings.

After the Thanksgiving weekend: No hay, nowhere. The horses still on the Highway 87 pasture were stretching over the fence to get what little grass they could reach. A few of the horses were even eating pine needles. Malott, who still didn�t have permission to feed her horses, pleaded with Hudspeth to arrange for feed to be delivered to the starving animals. It looked like HSUS, Rescue Wranglers and everyone else involved in the seizure had forgotten to arrange for daily feeding and watering.

On December 1, Malott called Stone County Humane Society�s Tina Holmlund to complain that the horses hadn�t been fed since Thursday. It worked. The horses finally had access to feed. For less than a week. Once again the horses were reduced to eating over the fence.

The fifth odd event: The Stone County Humane Society published a disclaimer in the Stone County Leader reminding readers that they were not part of the HSUS, even though they were involved in a number of dog seizures similar to what happened at the OK Trading Post and proudly took full credit for �closing the puppy mills�.

The December 8 hearing: Malott didn�t go it alone. She was backed up by the Arkansas Federation of Animal Owners, Arkansas Breeders of Companion Dogs, Arkansas Horse Council, Madison County Farm Bureau, We The People, Cattlemen�s Association and Arkansas Farm Bureau.

The morning of the hearing, when Malott stopped by the highway 87 location to take photos of her horses, Jim Brunson of Rescue Wranglers told her that the sheriff had banned photography. Her legal options were still being severely limited.

Back room maneuvering? Before the hearing started, the judge and both attorneys went into a back room and evidently discussed how the hearing should go. The judge had already made the statement that he wasn�t familiar with the law. Witnesses said Desiree Bender of the Arkansas HSUS went into the room followed later by Betty Jones of the Arkansas Horse Council.

Further tilting the legal table, none of Malott�s witnesses were called during the hearing. The prosecuting attorney�s witnesses were summoned and Carmen Skelly, an HSUS investigator from Missouri. She testified that on Nov. 12 her agency was �dispatched� to assist the sheriff�s office and the HSUS with Desiree Bender as the primary contact for HSUS.

The only question that Malott's lawyer asked Mr. Snodgrass was, "What's your assessment of this photo of horses?" The photo was of some of her horses, where they had been pastured after the raid, drinking out of a muddy pond.

His comment was, �These are some good looking horses drinking out of a pond�. Malott's lawyer said, �No further questions.�

The prosecuting attorney called Jim Brunson from the Rescue Wrangler�s Horse Rescue to testify. A nervous Brunson said the horses �didn�t appear to ever have been brushed� but he was extremely uncomfortable with the questioning.

Desiree Bender testified that she was unfamiliar with horses but it was her responsibility to be sure they went to quarantined pastures and were treated well. Because the horses were under HSUS control, they ran the required tests but, evidently �under control� doesn�t mean regular feeding and access to clean water. She claimed expenditures made by the HSUS amounted to $1,974.00 including hay medications, grain, salt blocks, halters and leads.

Denisa Malott testifies: �I started in the horse business when I was 14 years old. I�ll soon be 56. That�s 42 years.�

�I started cleaning stalls, shortly after I started riding hunter jumpers with Debbie Cook. We showed professionally and sold hunter jumpers all over the world. Later I started teaching riding lessons. I trained Michael Fell from the age of 5 until he was a senior in high school. He is now on the US Olympic team.�

�At one point in time I was giving 100 riding lessons a week, boarding horses, as well as the conservation officers� horses. I was also running 6 sets of pony wheels for parties and events. I was running a riding handicap program in between all of this.�

�Later I ran Brown County State Park, Whitewater State Park & Shakamak State Park riding concessions for the state of Indiana. I also ran three private concessions: Redbrush in Seymour, Old Indiana Amusement Park, and a private park at Clarksville, Indiana. I also leased horses to Reinlake Park in Illinois.�

�I moved to Arkansas in 1991 & started the OK Trading Post & have been running it ever since. I also still run pony rides for parties & festivals.�

�Regarding this seizure: 26 days the HSUS has had my horses and 15 of those days they have had no hay.�

The judge ordered that horse owners other than Malott could take their horses, but they were to remain under the supervision of the HSUS. Malott was ordered to pay the HSUS bill even though it was presented with no back up receipts. In addition the horses were ordered to remain at the Highway 87 location, but she was responsible for their feeding and care until her trial in March 2010

On December 10 Malott went to the courthouse and pleaded not guilty to the 25 felony charges. A pretrial hearing was set for March 3, 2010 but has been postponed. A jury trial was set for March 30, 2010 and it was also postponed. A yet to be tried or convicted Malott was forced to take an immediate drug test at the Department of Corrections facility and another once weekly for a month.

Through one of the longest and coldest winters on record Malott continued to feed the horses on the highway 87 pasture, caring for them even though they had no shelter and the ice on the pond had to be broken almost daily to give them access to water.

In Mid-January the United Horsemen�s Front, an organization at the national level expressed an interest in the case. Dave Duquette, the organization�s executive director, concerned that the HSUS had endangered the horses by putting them together in a single, small pasture, flew to Arkansas from his home in Oregon to assist Malott with her February hearing. Mike Steenbergen and Betty Jones of the Arkansas Horse Council drove in from Springdale, Arkansas to help Malott.

Although the hearing was postponed, The United Horseman�s Front and the Arkansas Horse Council helped Malott regain complete custody of her horses over HSUS objections. Although her horses were returned to the OK Trading Post, and she has returned to �business as usual�, the HSUS still maintains legal custody of her horses.

Duquette, Steenbergen and Jones, annoyed with all the legal wrangling, took off the gloves, called Sheriff Hudspeth and explained that the HSUS wasn�t interested in him, Malott or her horses. He would be left holding the bag when things went sour and there would be a lawsuit to recover costs and the damage to Malott�s business and reputation when the case was over. Hudspeth could choose to help now or be a part of the suit.

Duquette�s team and Malott agreed that the plea bargain she was offered � dropping the 25 felony charges in exchange for a guilty plea to a single misdemeanor - was unacceptable. The offer seemed to indicate that the county officials realized the initial charges and the way the search and seizure was handled put their case on shaky grounds.

It was a fascinating story of an ill-considered law and local officials stampeded by HSUS, Rescue Wranglers and possibly a vengeful woman into creating a test case that could be used to take that law nation-wide. Denisa Malott had the misfortune to be caught in the middle. All too often, it seems, it� not the bad guys who get caught in these tragedies, it�s the innocent bystander that�s swept up in events that are beyond her control.

Chuck Jolley is a free lance writer, based in Kansas City, who covers a wide range of ag industry topics for and

Ronda Brooks
Ronda Brooks

Seriously! I have read the petition. I have discussed it with my senator and state rep. Plus a lawyer. It is on my desk as I type. Maybe you should do the same instead of listening to propaganda from the HSUS. I studied the HSUS for months. Not on their website or through commercials. I read interviews with them. I looked at their legislation in other states (past and present). I looked at the terrorist groups many of the leaders use to run. Many have been in prison for arson. But yeah I forget that is all right with alot of AR supporters if its for the "cause". In Wisconsin they are trying to declassify animals as property. News flash if you can't own animals you cannot farm or run kennels for that matter. Being the farm girl I am I know that if the HSUS succeeds in their goal of "abolition of all animal agriculture" that there is no way we could grow enough produce to feed the US. I know my senator is a farmer so I called him and asked OK if the HSUS gets their wish how are we suppose to even atempt to grow enough produce to feed everyone? if at the same time the HSUS does away with hunting? For people not familiar with wild game it is hard as is to keep them from the crops. There is always a loss from deer and such. If they were left to grow unchecked there would be no way. My senator said you are about there but not quite. He said the final goal of the HSUS is to have our food supply brougt in from other countries. If that is not a scary thought. We have the safest food supply going here in the US. People need to pay attention here. We feed alot of the rest of the world as is. We are a bit spoiled here in the US. Our main concern at the grocery store at this point is getting enough money together to get what we need. Could you imagine not being able to get groceries even if we could afford them? We have had it pretty good here. Please look at other countries who have been forced into similar situations. We need to up our food output to almost double in the next 40 years, not diminish it. The studies are a google away. Please read. All I ask is that you take the time to investigate this on your own. It is all there for anyone to see. Look at the 120 pieces of legislation the HSUS has aimed at the US this year alone. Anywhere from hogs to dogs. YOu can read where they say they do not believe in the man/animal relationship. YOu can hear them say all we have to do is show a few sad pictures and the main stream public is on our side. They push a mad cow around with a tractor in the AR commercials now. For the non-farmers here is a fact. The US does not have a mad-cow problem. That is other countrie. Here is a fact, it has been illegal to process a downer cow in Mo for some time. The HSUS finds it really funny that all they have to do is insinuate (lie) and people throw money at them so they can turn around and use it to take the pets from your home and the meat from your table. Seriously saying that a breeder could produce thousands of puppies a year from 50 dogs just proves that they do not know squat about a dogs reproductive cycle. Call a vet and get some facts! What is sad is uninformed people like seriously have the right to even vote on something they so obviously know nothing of. That is what the HSUS runs to the bank on! Please google Is HSUS a threat to Mo agriculture? by Corner Post. Wayne the "leader" of the HSUS states that someone with no education or experience in agriculture should have a say in how it is performed. Any sane person would agree that those are the last people who should have a say. REad the petition. Many of the things the HSUS asks for will hurt dogs. They would be required to be on concrete 24/7. Anybody who knows squat about animals knows that would cause crippling arthritis. Please study this please! No seriously I will not calm down. The safetly of my animals and my families food supply insists that I don't. I am sure you have the comfort of complaining about animal ag producers with a fully belly and a loving pet by your side.

Joan A
Joan A

Wow Seriously?

I would like to know how 50 breeding Which some of them must be male so lets be wild and say 40 breeding females who are only allowed to breed once every year and a half going to produce hundreds and even more bizarre thousands of puppies??? LOL You obviously are a laymen at best . Actually the people who are trying to force Missouri to create a law against a term with no definition and deny constitutional rights are terrorist in many forms. That is called subversion my friend and is the oldest war tactic on the books. Laws already give dogs sufficient food, water, shelter, veterinary care providing humane, adequate care and housing. As for rest between heats. Veterinarian medicine already has proven and scientist evidenced that resting a healthy female can cause a deadly afflictions called pyometra. which can and will kill the female dog. It is highly suggested to spay any female dog not used for breeding. Rest also cause uterine damage which leads to infertility if pyometra does not develop.

Seriously! I am sure you love animals and have compassion. BUT! the AR side has been playing this hand for over 50 years. Breeders have asked over and over how they can make things better so this fight will end. There is never an answer. I have personally spoken with Kathleen Summers Head of the Puppy Mill department Washington DC HSUS .I asked her how we can come to terms. What a kennel needs to look like so it will not be called a Puppy Mill. I was not given an answer because according to the HSUS there is no such thing as a good kennel. Forcing the public to buy puppies only from people who breed once in a blue moon. Who are not licensed. Not inspected. Do not make profit. Are not a business. Is not safe for the animals or the public. Because with less puppies the prices will only rise and with no real licensing and inspections what really will happen? This puppy mill law will force people to the 10 dog rules because 10 breeding females breeding every cycle will produce more then 40 breeding females breeding once every year and a half many of them becoming infertile. Why is it so unethical to buy form a professional? Why must people not make a profit so they can grow and build better kennels and buy better parent dogs? Any venture that does not make profit be it hobby or business never evolves. You my friend need to calm down. Because there are two sides and you are grossly and blindly only acknowledging one side.


Ronda, that's your concern? That we will all be "eating veggies trucked in from other countries?" Why not our own veggies?

I find it hard to believe that you read the petition. The new measure will limit the number of breeding dogs pre facility to 50... breeding dogs, not total dogs. This means that breeders can still produce hundreds if not thousands of puppies per year. Furthermore, this measure applies only to those facilities which sell puppies for profit, not to those that raise hunting dogs, livestock breeders or animal shelters.

This petition is not the workings of some terrorist group bent on destroying the American economy, it's a means to provide humane, adequate care for living, feeling beings. We simply ask breeders to supply sufficient food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and rest between breeding cycles. That's all. Calm down.

Ronda Brooks
Ronda Brooks

Are you aware that more champion dogs come out of Mo than any other state in the country? This does not happen by accident or through the conditions the HSUS and their bought friends at the BBB portray. Please read the BBB report. You will see that the BBB states things straight out of the HSUS's mouth. You will also see them saying that the BBB recieved 300+ complaints on Mo breeders in a 3 year period. If the BBB is to be believed Mo sells well over 100,000 puppies per year. Do the math. That is some pretty low complaint #'s. Also they graded every breeder in Mo by what "3" bad expamples. That is slanderous at best. That would be like saying Wal-mart does a bad job so there for all retail stores do a poor job as well. Then look to see what report the BBB gave the HSUS? Keep in mind before you look that the HSUS is up on racketeering charges. That the HSUS does not operate within its own by-laws. That the HSUS us being investigated by the IRS for operating outside of its non-profit status. You can read on that as well. They currently have 120 pieces of legislation on the great united states this year alone. Read on their goal of "abolition of all animal agriculture." They state they are a vegan ran organization and wish to do away with the man/animal relationship. They have gotten rich on the kindness of pet loving/meat eaters and are in turn taking their fortune to buy what the want. Please call your local state rep/ senator and ask them what the HSUS is up to? Then ask them if they suceed what will become of our Mo economy? No one is safe. This is no longer a far of threat it is here now. Pull up the puppy mill petition and look at the defenition of pet. "Any domesticated animal." For those of you who do not know that includes cows, chickens and such. The HSUS supporters will tell you oh that does not count because in the front it sais dog. Ask a lawyer what the defention of pet will do if this passes as written. I did. The lawyer told me if this petition is passed the HSUS can come for all of our animals. Look at that they did to Ohio last year and are trying to do this year. Then look at Wisconsin where they are trying to declassify animals as property. This is a rich slick crew and if people do not wake up we are all going to be eating veggies trucked in from other countries in short order!


Missourians for the Protection of Dogs have been collecting signatures to get the "Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act" onto the November ballot and are still at 50% of the 130,000 signatures needed with only about half of the alloted time left. If you're asked for a signature, give ten seconds of your time and help out a good cause. Get involved if you can!


This is another great example of why Missourians need to put the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act on the ballot. For residents wanting to get involved, please visit


@redhott454 Rubbish move on!  Wrong forum wrong topic please read when you enter a for slander is not wlcome here.


@redhott454 I think you are lost in where your posting we are not interested in your problems on this forum in fact your way off base.  Read the bog your hot hehott454 or get cold this is just slander material and we are tying to do positive here so get the drift unless your def and leave the forum or contribute something worth while and try very hard to consecrate and stay on topic before you run to someone else forum and start spouting your babble. We don't care about your out outrageous  attacks on others that is not what we are here for and make you look to say the least stupid..enough said.


@Robin Reid So what get a life get out of this fourm your off topic and trying to take away from talks here that actually solve issue less people like you make things for the honest hard working people ....find a forum that fits your pitful post of how you have so wronged in life..


I have purchased two absolutely wonderful healthy well bread mini doxies from Abigale and have had the best service from her. I registered my dogs on the AKC website, and have received the full pedigrees for both dogs and their parents. I had to send in paperwork to AKC to pay for and receive the pedigree, so you may want to look through the paperwork she sent with the dog. I know everyone has their own personal experiences, but mine was very positive. I hope you are able to remedy your situation, Abigale is very friendly to talk to on the phone and cares a lot about the puppies she breeds. My two babies are very well bread, healthy and happy.


@Shelley Powers is the hunte corporation still in active business as I have heard sorces says they had left the indistury and are putting effect else where, where that is I am not cerain I do know that Lambari is no servicing the communitys...

any thoughts from anyone?


I to have bought a puppy from candy coated doxies i did recieve the puppy and she said she would send me papers when she got them. I have heard complaint after complaint of why she hasn't sent them i gave up trying but it really bothers me she claims to be a Christian lady. I have the reciept where i purchased the puppy on line using pay pal and we picked him up in brookfield mo at the walmart there. She was a really nice lady but she definitely did not folliw through with her promise. I really enjoy my little man but i cannot breed him with my daughters dog. She wanted to breed her and save for college now i am to scared to purchase another puppy from anyone. I really pray everyone who is considering purchasing from Mrs. Whatley that you did alot if background checks and make sure you recieve your puppy and papers at the same time. Do not let her say she will send them to you when she gets them. From my own personal experience she will not.

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