Check Out This Baby Camel!

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Meet Eli the bactrian camel. He was born last Thursday, March 11, in the Antelope Yards section of the Red Rocks area of the Saint Louis Zoo. He weighed 98 pounds. His parents are Minnie and Elvis, who also live in Red Rocks.

Isn't he cute?

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By all reports, the zoo's six camels live in harmony, undisturbed by the disease and scandals that recently rocked the elephants' habitat. Unfortunately for Minnie, the gestational period for a camel is eleven months. Fewer than 1,000 wild camels still roam the plains of Mongolia, but many millions more live in captivity. Or, as the zoo's website puts it, "are domesticated."

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Eli and Minnie. Those little bumps on his side will grow into full-fledged humps once he stores up enough fat.

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