Latest Lucky Stimulus Recipient Wash. U. Gets $14.3 Million for Genomic Data Center

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The little green and purple spots are breast cancer genes. The federal government just gave Wash. U. $14.3 million to track down more cancer genes.
A $14.3 million stimulus grant to Washington University Medical School's center for genomics in the Central West End will create 350 new jobs, 200 of them in construction.

And what is genomics, you may ask? Why, it's the study of the human genome, which contains all our genetic information. The Wash. U. center is dedicated to studying the sequencing of cancer-causing genes.

Thanks to the stimulus, the building at Duncan and Newstead avenues that houses said computers will double in size. Construction will begin in the fall.

"These projects are helping scientists worldwide understand the genetic basis of cancer and the contributions of microbes to human health and disease," said Larry Shapiro, executive vice chancellor for medical affairs and dean of the school of medicine, in a statement. "We could not continue this vital research without expanding the data center, which houses the computer infrastructure that allows our scientists to analyze unprecedented volumes of data."

This latest grant brings Wash. U.'s total stimulus package up to $100 million.

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