Missouri Ban of Synthetic Marijuana -- K2 -- Could Come Soon

Don't worry, dude. There still may be a way to get a quasi-legal high despite a statewide ban.
Both the Missouri House and Senate have approved legislation that would ban K2 and other brands of fake marijuana.

Now legislators plan to reconcile "minor differences" in the two bills before sending final legislation to Gov. Jay Nixon, reports the Post-Dispatch this morning. The ban carries an "emergency clause" that would outlaw products such as K2 once the governor signs final bill into law.

But will this ban really stop people from achieving a (quasi-) legal high? Not necessarily as St. Charles has recently found out...

There a bait store (yes, bait store) and a head shop (more predictable) have begun selling other brands of fake marijuana that don't have the chemical makeup of K2 and other brands targeted by the impending Missouri ban.

One of those products is called Sky Tsunami.

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