Obama Signs House Bill, Now Health Care Reform Heads to Senate for Debate

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Obama signs health care reform today in the presence of, Gary Coleman???
President Obama moments ago signed the House version of health care reform.

At a signing ceremony this afternoon Obama stated:

"It's been easy at times to doubt our ability to do such a big thing, such a complicated thing, to wonder if there are limits to what we as a people can still achieve..."We are not a nation that scales back its aspirations. We are not a nation that falls prey to doubt or mistrust. We don't fall prey to fear."

The bill now moves to the Senate, where Republicans have vowed to undermine the bill.

As Washington University law professor Cheryl Block tells CNN today, the bill must undergo at least 20 hours of debate in the Senate.

"It could get all messy and could go on forever if they threw up amendment after amendment," said Block. "Theoretically, it should only take 20 hours, but it will likely take longer because Republicans have things up their sleeve."

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