A Look at the Work of the 5 Architecture Teams in the Running to Redesign the Gateway Archgrounds

Now that the CityArchRiver 2015 group has whittled down to five the number of teams competing to redesign the Gateway Archgrounds, it seemed appropriate to take a peek into everybody's portfolio.

Below Daily RFT has collated some images of projects completed elsewhere by each architecture team. St. Louisans can already weigh in with their own ideas via the CityArchRiver's "community connection" portal, and will also be able to hear from the teams themselves at a public meeting hosted by none other than the sportscaster Joe Buck on April 28.

1)  The Behnisch team, out of Stuttgart, Germany. Here's their most recently completed building, the world headquarters for consumer-products giant Unilever, in Hamburg.

Unilever headquarters - Hamburg - completed in 2009.

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