City Museum Plants a Forest on Third Floor

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Bob Cassilly checks out his new Tree Walkaround and Climber.
​For the past two years, a portion of the third floor of the City Museum has been closed off. If you had most of a floor left in an old factory building, what would you do with it? If you're Bob Cassilly and you've already built a warren of tunnels and an enormous jungle gym, you plant a forest. Well, OK, you build a Tree Walkaround and Climber.

Cassilly declined to comment when Daily RFT called up the museum to find out more about this new venture. The museum staff has been slightly more generous with information on Facebook and Twitter.

The structure appears to be made from slender tree branches that extend from floor to ceiling. There are bridges visitors can walk on, and the branches have knots that would make them good for climbing. (Cassilly selects each tree himself.) There is also, naturally, a slide.

No definite day has been set for the opening of the new exhibit, but a museum staffer commented on Facebook: "We don't put completion date on anything, but thanks to this wet weather Bob has been working on this nonstop so it may be opened in the coming weeks."

Image source
City Museum staffers carry a 45-foot tree up to the third floor.

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