Jesse Boone, St. Louis Homicide No. 28; Stabbed to Death at Gas Station

Jesse Boone was at the Phillips 66 station on North Broadway yesterday when he got into an argument with another customer. The debate ended with the 33-year-old Boone getting stabbed in the neck.

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8815 N. Broadway
The incident occurred around 1:30 p.m. yesterday -- Easter Sunday.

Boone, of the 10000 block of Lookaway Drive, was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect in the stabbing was described only as a black male.

Anyone with information regarding the killer is encouraged to leave a tip with CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.

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First of all Mr. Hooetr, obviously you only knew him by seeing him in the halls of school. Because if you knew Jesse "NU-NU" Boone then you would have known That his Grandmother, mother and his father preceeded him in this life, not to mention his brother as well. leaving him to basically fend for his own in this life. Now I dont know if your parents are still around,  but if they are, you see how easy it is to call upon them when your chips are down. Could you deal with that much death in your immediate family? NAW, I didnt think so. Is that really all you knew of my cousin Is that he was a "BLOOD"? Have you ever talked to him in school? Do you remember walking across the stage with him at graduation? Even if he was a blood who could blame him for wanting to be a part of something that made him feel at home and part of a family? Especially, when he had assholes critizing him in life about what he did and how he lived his life like YOU!!!  But whats really funny and ignorant about what you said in you paraghraph is the fact that you have the nerve to use the name of God to envoke some kind of punishment on him. Where you that jealous of his swag, his build, his handsome features, his complextion, or the fact he didnt want your gay ass.....LOL. Matter of fact.... WHO made you Gabrielle THE GARDIAN OF THE GOLDEN GATES?! How do you think GOD will judge you. He ran with BLOODS, and im quite sure you chase GREEN. You will kill, steal, and lie for GREEN....MONEY. So what makes you think your evil is any less of the two. Next time you want to comment, THINK FIRST instead of letting your faggot ass friends stick their dicks in your ears, pissing in them and brainwashing your confused ass........His first cousin 

                                                                                                  Barbara's Grandson


well that was my brother an i known him all my life, to know that no body walking on this earth is perfect, dont judge a book by its covers, and so what, oh well, if that was his thing to do then so be it, he wasnt harming anyone...I love my brother to death and stilll do and will never stop jus cause the casket dropped...foerver in my heart NUNU!


I went to school with this guy! all he did was skip class and smoke. That's why parents has to have a strong back in teaching there kids early about the streets before the streets teach them. I believe he was a "BLOOD" (Gangsta)God has a time set for everyone on this earth, So get it together people.


 R.i.p My Nig

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