Louis Ray Finchem: Man Found Dead in Holly Hills, Homicide Investigating

Louis Ray Finchem, a 67-year-old south St. Louis resident, was found dead in his home in the 5200 block of Dewey Ave. yesterday around 7 p.m.

5200 block of Dewey
Initially ruled an accidental death, St. Louis police are now investigating the case as a possible homicide after the medical examiner discovered stab wounds on the victim's body.

Police and rescue responded to a call of a house fire at his residence yesterday evening and found found Finchem dead with noticeable burns and a head wound.

It wasn't until his body reached the medical examiner's office that the stab wounds were discovered. Police now call Finchem's passing a "suspicious death" and homicide detectives are looking into the case.

The investigation is ongoing and police do not have any suspects at the moment.

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