MoDOT Turns Old Roofing Shingles Into New Roadways

Yeah, shingles like these.
Here's an interesting little nugget to file in the Department of "Bet Ya Didn't Know That."

Did you know that the Missouri Department of Transportation is recycling roof shingles for roads? It's true. Last year MoDOT used 53,000 tons of recycled asphalt shingles (enough to cover 17,000 homes) for roadwork projects across the state.

Shingles are mostly asphalt making them ideal for road construction. MoDOT estimates it saved about $20 million last year using recycled shingles and reduced the amount of petroleum (a key ingredient of asphalt) required for roadwork by 20 percent.

Following is a short video that explains how MoDOT turns the shingles into road asphalt.

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Norbert Floth
Norbert Floth

It's good to know that those old roof tiles still have a purpose, no? There's not a lot of use for them once they get worn down, so the best course of action is to find a way to re-use the material by being creative!

Monique Snead
Monique Snead

 Recycled roof shingles made of asphalt is one way to reduce our landfills. This is a great innovation that helps our environment. It looks lovely, and it's just like the real deal. It's admirable that there are still companies that follow the three R's of recycling.

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