Skateboarders Attack Motorist, Man Hospitalized After Face Meets Grip Tape

Courtesy Joplin Police
Christopher J. Hill, 17, of Joplin, was charged with second-degree assault after allegedly using his skateboard to attack a driver.
A southwest Missouri man found out what it feels like to be on the wrong end of a skateboard "trick" on Monday.

As reported by the the Joplin Globe, two skateboarders got into an argument with a motorist after refusing to move from the middle of a street to let his car pass.

Shannon Morey, a 39-year-old man from Joplin, encountered the two skateboarders in the middle of a Joplin street and honked at them, Cpl. Chuck Niess, of the Joplin Police Department, tells Daily RFT.

The skaters refused to move out of the way, and instead started beating on the hood of Morey's pickup truck with their boards. Morey got out, and according to Niess some "words were exchanged."

The two skaters then allegedly attacked Morey, one throwing his skateboard at him and the other hitting him in the face with his board.

The Joplin Police Department quickly arrested Christopher J. Hill, a 17-year-old from Joplin. He is charged with second-degree assault. The other skater is still on the loose and police do not know his name, but Cpl. Niess tells Daily RFT that they have a "good idea" of who it is.

Morey was taken to a hospital after the attack and treated for cuts to his face. Daily RFT is waiting to hear back from the victim to see if he wants to share his story.

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