Snuggie + Cardinals Logo = SLUGGIE, and They're Giving 'Em Away Tomorrow

Categories: Cardinals
You'll be needin' this in July, Cards fans! NOT! You won't really be needing it.
Tomorrow night is Sluggie Fleece Night at the ball park. And yeah, it's pretty darn clever what they've done here, folks.

See, they've taken the "Snuggie," As Seen On TV, that fuzzy bag of sloth that people climb into when they want to lay around looking like a cult member. Then they added some Cardinals logos. Presto! Sluggie.

The Cardinals website features only a tiny picture of the Sluggie, so our web editor has created the artist's rendering you see to the right.

Meanwhile, our pal over at Punching Kitty has named this the #1 Best and #1 Worst Cardinals promotion of 2010.

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