State Sues Paul McKee's NorthSide Regeneration

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Paul McKee
Ever since Paul McKee revealed his plans for a massive redevelopment project in north St. Louis, residents of the neighborhood have feared the developer might use eminent domain to seize their properties.

That hasn't happened -- not yet anyway -- though eminent domain is now officially part of McKee's NorthSide Regeneration. Last week the State of Missouri and the Missouri Department of Transportation sued NorthSide in an attempt to condemn five properties involved in the project.

The state needs the land for a new bridge over the Mississippi River. So far NorthSide has refused to sell the property.

As Missouri Lawyers Media reports this week, the state and MoDot sued NorthSide on April 2 after the development declined offers to sell five of its properties that lie along the access route to the bridge. The state and MoDot are now planning to condemn the properties and take them through eminent domain.

The five properties account for about three of the 1,500 acres McKee plans to redevelop in north St. Louis.

An attorney with NorthSide told Missouri Lawyers Media that the developer is in "ongoing discussion" with MoDot.

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