Tonight in Gorgeous Local Art: This Page Intentionally Left Blank

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Bryan Walsh Art.jpg
work by Bryan Walsh
Courtney gave this a quick mention in her Artgasm post earlier today but three very talented St. Louis artists have an extremely cool event happening tonight that deserves its very own post.

The trio of Bryan Walsh, Jeremy Rabus and Amy VanDonsel open This Page Intentionally Left Blank at 2646 Cherokee Street from 6-10 p.m. Expect a collection of beautiful pieces that feature mixed media, graffiti-influenced contemporary abstract, "invented landscapes," found objects and other high brow-sounding delights for the low brow price of free.

The shindig also features eats from The Mud House and DJ Chilly C on the wheels of steel. More images after the jump...

"Katamari" by Amy VanDonsel
"Influid #48" by Jeremy Rabus

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