U.S. Senate Election 2010: Roy Blunt Leading Robin Carnahan by 6 Points

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Roy Blunt continues to hang on to his lead to be Missouri's next U.S. Senator.
​In a race almost certain to attract widespread national attention later this year, Republican Rep. Roy Blunt continues to lead Democrat Robin Carnahan in the Missouri Senate contest, according to the latest Rasmussen poll

Blunt, the father of former governor Matt Blunt, is ahead of Secretary of State Carnahan by a 48-42 margin. The telephone survey showed that 3 percent prefer another candidate and 7 percent are undecided. Last month, Blunt held a 49-41 advantage over Carnahan, her low mark since she announced her candidacy in February 2009.

In September of last year, both contenders for the seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Kit Bond, attracted 46 percent of the vote.

Robin Carnahan is still trailing, but there's seven months left until Election Day.
​Men favor Blunt, 60, by a healthy margin, while women are evenly divided. The poll also revealed that Blunt is making strong inroads among independent voters (50-28), but that Carnahan, 49, the daugther of Mel and Jean Carnahan, enjoys a greater share of the electorate who have a "very favorable" opinion of her -- 20 percent to Blunt's 15 percent.

A bellwether state, Missouri broke its string in 2008 of voting for the winning presidential candidate in every election since 1956. John (no longer a maverick, by his own admission) McCain squeaked out a 50-49 victory over Obama.

Other findings in the Rasmussen poll:

- 59 percent of Missouri voters favor repealing Obama's health care plan, with 36 percent opposed.

-51 percent of the electorate say their personal views are more aligned with the average Tea Party member than the President.

-A meager 6 percent of the voters here rate the current economic conditions as good or excellent, while 54 percent say the economy is in poor shape. 47 percent say things are getting worse, to 27 pecent who believe things are improving.

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