Want to See Sarah Palin in St. Louis? Here's Her Contract, Found in a Dumpster

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Interested in booking Sarah Palin at your birthday party, graduation or revolution-inciting tea party? Her contract found in a Dumpster can now give you a head-start on what you're in for.

Photo: Lyle Whitworth
Palin in 2008 at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis after the vice presidential debate. If you want to see her here now, you'll have to pay for it.
Two California State University students found in a Dumpster what's thought to be the last six pages of a nine-page contract for Sarah Palin's planned speaking engagement at the university this June. The students presented the contract -- along with two garbage bags full of shredded paper -- at a news conference on Tuesday at the California State Capitol.

What's not answered in the found contract is how much Palin is to be paid for the speaking engagement -- thought to be $100,000 per appearance, according to some sources. There is some controversy over the her appearance at CSU, and critics of Palin filed a public records request to see the contract. They had not received it until the two students found it in the trash.

"It is truly shocking and a gross violation of the public trust that such documents would be thrown away and destroyed during a pending investigation," said California state Sen. Leland Yee Tuesday in a statement.

Finding hot docs in Dumpsters isn't a new trend by any stretch: the most recent find here in St. Louis occurred when a hair stylist found the script for Twilight: New Moon in a Dumpster near the Chase Park Plaza.

After the jump is the Palin contract, which, among other demands, calls that she fly on a "Lear 60 or larger" private plane, if the customer chooses to provide her with one. She'd also like bendable straws with her water bottles (2.) A Rolling Stones concert rider it ain't, but it will give you a glimpse into the demands of America's most popular female politician & pundit.

Download the .PDF here.

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