Photos: Cinco Ocho de Mayo on Cherokee Street

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Sombrero Guitar Small.jpg
photo by Keegan Hamilton
How great was the Ocho de Mayo parade down Cherokee Street on Saturday?

"That was pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen in America," one sombrero-toting hombre was overheard saying a few minutes after the madness stopped.

While that might be mildly overstating things, it was certainly a good time for all involved and, more importantly, an extremely colorful representation of the neighborhood's multi-cultural and artistic renaissance.
Cecilia's Dancers Small.jpg
photo by Keegan Hamilton
From art gallery floats with men in latex gloves and grotesque paper mache heads playing synthesizers to decked-out girls from St. Cecilia's church performing traditional Mexican dances to a plant-toting posse from the newly-formed Cherokee Real community garden to rival, engine-revving moped and scooter gangs to the Roosevelt High School marching band -- there was something for everyone and then some.

Sombrero Pineapple Small.jpg
photo by Keegan Hamilton
The scene on the streets was equally entertaining -- drunken gringos stirred their piña coladas with tiny Mexican flags, serious Hispanic men posted up in front of storefronts showing off their belt buckles and cowboy boots, artists painting and printmaking and most everyone dancing to local bands or the salsa and reggaeton booming from the speakers on the main stage.

Oh, and there was also tons of delicious food. Like steak tacos:
Steak Tacos Small.jpg
photo by Keegan Hamilton
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