Quantifying the Extent of the Gulf Oil Spill. Where Does it End?

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Oil, oil, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.
​There appears to be no limit to the ways in which the media has tried to help us all visualize the extent of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

There've been reports that the amout of oil gushing into the Gulf would cover all of Manhattan, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area and the big island of Hawaii.

There have been scientific calculations -- a worst-case scenario -- that a month's worth of leaking oil could fill enough gallon milk jugs to stretch more than 11,300 miles -- or more than the distance between New York and Buenos Aires. Best-case scenario? Well, the milk jugs would only stretch from New York to Washington, D.C. Feel a little better?

The Daily RFT couldn't resist getting into the camparison game ourselves a couple of weeks back. Click here to see our map of the spill overlayed across St. Louis.

Today, though, the Associated Press really out struck pay dirt. And frankly, we're jealous. Why didn't we think of this one? Here's what the wire service had to say:

Here's another way to think of just how much oil has gushed out since April 20. At worst, it's enough to fill 102 school gymnasiums to the ceiling with the oil.

Yes, you heard right: 102 school gyms filled -- and to the ceiling, no less, with Texas Tea! 

Are they big gyms, little gyms, medium-sized gyms?

Who the hell knows?

Nudge us when they figure the leak could fill the Grand Canyon.

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