Awesome New Art on the St. Louis Flood Wall

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Big Oil Kills.jpg
photos by Keegan Hamilton
Jonny Xacto used stencils and freehand spray paint for this piece on the Flood Wall
The flood wall that runs along the Mississippi just south of the Arch at the terminus of Chouteau Ave has to be one of the longest murals in America. The art is always in flux, with new images constantly going up on top of the old ones. On Saturday, five St. Louis artists added a few impressive new layers.

The "Big Oil Kills" piece pictured above is the work of a street artist who goes by the name Jonny Xacto. Here's him working on new stencil on the wall:
And the final product:
Warlord Final Work Small Rotated Again.jpg
The word on top says Warlord in manipulated Hebrew and Arabic characters
The paint session was spearheaded by Justin Tolentino and Jason Spencer, who paint collectively under the name Like a Beer in Deadlights. Here they are at work:
LABIDL Small.jpg
Tolentino on the left, Spencer on the right and Tony, their photographer on the far right.
And here's the final product, titled "Trice," which took about four and a half hours to create from start to finish and was done entirely freehand with brushes:
Trice Small.jpg
It's Trice, as in triceratops
They were joined by two other artists as well.

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