Belleville Pooper-Scooper With "An Eye for Detail" Tells How He Found $58 in Scat

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​Last week Belleville pooper-scooper Steve Wilson made international news when the Associated Press reported how, in the course of his scooping duties one day last month, he discovered $58 in cash embedded in the waste products of one of his clients' dogs. Wilson is an honest fellow, so after he laundered the money, he returned it to its rightful owner, Karen Linn.

Yesterday the local daily ran a profile of Wilson in which Todd Frankel followed the scooper through on his daily rounds for DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal Service.

"[Wilson] is serious about what he does," Frankel reports.

He works in almost any weather. His legs swished, swished, swished as he strode. With his rake in one hand and a red scooper in the other, Wilson walked the lawn in his usual tight grid pattern, scanning for dog poop....

He had noticed the green color first. He always glances as he scoops to look for signs of worms or sickness. But this looked like paper. Then he noticed more bits of paper.

"I've got a good eye for detail," he explained.

Wilson honed that eye working in corporate IT for many years until he got laid off two years ago, at the start of the Great Recession. He's been with DoodyCalls for about year. He enjoys the job, he says, except for the smell. DoodyCalls likes him, too; the company has instituted a "Steve Wilson Wants You to Save $58" Sign-Up Special in which new customers who mention Wilson's name get a discount during their first month of service that comes out to -- yes! -- $58.

The money-eating culprit was Fossie, Linn's three-year-old golden retriever-poodle mix, who apparently has the stomach of a goat: a few weeks before the money-eating episode, she ate one of Linn's bras. No word on whether DoodyCalls will give you a discount for mentioning her.

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