Creepiness Alert: Madame Alexander Doll Convention Hits Town Next Week

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Collectible dolls are creepy in general, but none are creepier than the Madame Alexander variety. No matter who they are supposed to represent, every doll has the same childishly round face, plump cheeks and (worst of all) staring glass eyes.

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l-r: Holly Golightly, Lucrezia Borgia, Rhett Butler. Why would anybody want a doll representing any of these characters?
​Now imagine a room full of these monstrosities. If you prefer not to live your nightmares, stay far, far away from the Sheraton Westport next Wednesday, June 23.

From the convention announcement website:

The convention will include activities that incorporate the charm of St. Louis, including an interactive model display featuring five St. Louis landmarks in which attendees' dolls can be photographed and live entertainment at the 'Meet Me at the Fair' Cissette dinner. Registration for Madame Alexander Doll Club's convention is open to the public.

The theme of the convention will be (naturally) "Meet Me in St. Louis," so it's a pretty fair supposition that dolls representing Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien and the Boy Next Door. The horror! The horror!

If you're a brave soul, undisturbed by these dolls, you can register for the convention here.

(NB: Perhaps the terror induced by Madame Alexander dolls can only be fully appreciated a person who spent a great deal of time under their baleful stares because her sister and her best friend had extensive doll collections. Even 20 years later, such a person cannot sleep peacefully in a room where these dolls are present.)

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