Larry King Retiring = Dana Loesch Needs New Outlet to Embarrass Herself on National TV

loesch n larry.JPG
King and that little pistol, Loesch.
So, didya hear that Larry King is wrapping it up? After a 25-year-run on CNN, the talk show host said he'll retire later this year.

Which brings me to a bigger concern: Who's going to step in and give St. Louis Tea Party matriarch Dana Loesch the national attention she so desperately craves?

Loesch has become something of a regular on Larry King Live in recent months, providing the show with some unintended comic relief, as was the case last night when Loesch appeared to discuss the Supreme Court's decision to strike down a handgun ban in Chicago.

As Loesch told King last night, Americans should be allowed to own any kinds of firearms they want -- including machine guns -- because "I don't believe the government can act like a nanny."

A video clip follows:

Hat tip to St. Louis Activist Hub, where you can read a transcript of Loesch's conversation with King.

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