Protest Coverage: Israeli and Palestinian Supporters Square Off Outside McCaskill's Delmar Office

Here's a collection of photos from Tuesday afternoon's protest outside the office of Sen. Claire McCaskill on Delmar Boulevard, by those decrying Israel's attack Monday on a group of ships that were trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip -- and by supporters of Israel. Israel and Eygpt have blocked delivery of supplies to Gaza for the past three years out of their concern over the potential for delivery of weapons to Hamas, which gained control over the Palestinian portion of Gaza after the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006. Photos by Kholood Eid.

"I am a Jew and I find it repulsive what's being done in my name, the murder of human rights activists bringing aid to people under siege," said Michael Berg of St. Louis.

Supporters of Israel stand at a median across from Senator McCaskill's office while cars pass on Delmar during rush hour.

"What CNN and Fox say about Israel is self-defense, but we're here to say what Israel does is state terrorism. Attacking a boat in international waters and a blockade of people is an act of war," says Julian Barnes of St. Louis, whose father grew up in Lebanon as a son of missionaries. "My father and grandparents have been to the West Bank and Gaza and have seen the conditions of the refugee camps and have seen the crimes Israel has committed."

"Culturally, I want to stand up for oppressed people. I've grown up around the Arab culture and Arab friends and feel I have to do something," says Lili Noel. "And I'm here because Israel violated international law."

"The Israelis are giving food to the Palestinians. They're not starving. I've been tracking this [situation] for a number of years. Everything I've read is just inciting anger and hatred against Israel and a lot of it is not true. It's propaganda. It's a media war," says Nadyne, a University City woman who didn't want her last name published. "People have to learn the truth in order to change."

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