Speed Cameras Coming to Country Club Hills

Country Club Hills: That little red zit in north county.
Country Club Hills, those 0.2 square miles of the "American Dream" in north St. Louis County, is the latest area municipality to employ speed cameras on its streets.

The city of 1,300 residents will go live with a camera on Lucas & Hunt Road this Thursday. Violators will get a $100 ticket in the mail.

Police chief Cliff Ware says the cameras are necessary in these days of budget cuts.
"With the economic situation that we are all facing, we will have to decrease our numbers in the police department," Ware tells the Post-Dispatch. "We won't even be able to have a car out there running radar as often as I would like."

Now, if that isn't an ironclad rationale for the use of questionable policing tools, I'm not sure what is.

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