Big 12 Commissioner Open to Changing Name; Suggests Calling it "Old-Fashioned Conference"

Here's betting tailgaters continue drinking beer even if the Big 12 does become the "Old-Fashioned Conference."
Dan Beebe, commissioner of the Big 12, held a conversation stand-up act yesterday at the conference's football media day in Irving, Texas.

Asked whether the Big 12 (soon to have ten teams) should consider a name change, Beebe fired back to reporters: "I'm in communication with (Big Ten) commissioner Jim Delaney now about a swap."

Asked whether all is well in the conference after the defection of Nebraska and Colorado earlier this year, Beebe responded: "I guess we could get all the athletic directors and board members up here and sing 'Kumbaya' and maybe that would help some of you."

So what to call the new ten-team version of the Big 12, which Beebe suggests will be stronger and better -- just like conferences of yore. "Maybe it should be the Old-Fashioned Conference?" suggests Beebe. 

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