Denis Leary Pegs Albert Pujols on the Late Show with David Letterman [Video]

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Dressed head to toe in Red Sox gear, the asshole comedian Denis Leary did his best Bob Gibson impression and put a ball in El Hombre's ribcage yesterday on Letterman.
Unlike The Dominator, however, it looks like Leary came close to crapping his pants when Albert pretended to take a step toward the "mound" they had set up in the middle of 53rd Street in Manhattan.

Three other awesome things about this video:
  • Albert kinda sounds like The Terminator when he swings and misses at that soft toss and says "Let's try dat one ah-gain."
  • Even when it's obvious the crowd wants to see him swing hard and crush one of those cushy-balls as far as humanly possible, Albert picks his pitches, swings softly (probably trying not to hurt himself) and says, "I'm working on my inside-out swing."
  • David Letterman has the worst left-handed swing since John Kruk flailed away against Randy Johnson in the 1993 All-Star Game.
Watch the monologue and Top Ten list from last night's show here.

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