BREAKING NEWS: Court Rules Against McKee's Northside Plan and Board of Aldermen

Judge Dierker's wry poke: "The Court did not have the pleasure of meeting Paul McKee at trial."
Developer Paul McKee's "unprecedented" plan for a revitalized North St. Louis suffered a serious blow today.

Judge Robert H. Dierker of the 22nd Circuit Court has ruled against the developer and the City in a lawsuit brought by north side residents last year who claimed that their property values dipped because the city improperly green-lighted his massive plan. (See our January feature here).

Below is an excerpt (or read the full ruling):

The question before the Court, fundamentally, is whether the City's Board of Aldermen had the discretion to say, in Alderman Bosley's words, "Let's try it."  The Court concludes that the answer must be, "No."
There's a press conference at 2 p.m. Updates to come...

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