If You're Really Into Scott Pilgrim, You're Really In Luck

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Fights! Bass guitars! Homoerotic undertones! What more could you ask for in a comic book?
​Hello friend! Do you love Bryan Lee O'Malley's now-very-popular-because-of-Michael-Cera (a compound adjective that applies to more things than you would think -- hello, American Apparel hoodies) comic book series, Scott Pilgrim

Do you hate sleep and/or have nothing to do early Tuesday morning? 

Can you get yourself to the Loop tonight? 

If you meet all of these criteria, step right up. Star Clipper (6392 Delmar Blvd, 314-725-9110) is hosting a midnight release party for the sixth and final installment of the Pilgrim series, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour. The party will feature the musical stylings of Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, plus complimentary snacks. The party starts at 10 p.m., and the book will go on sale at the stroke of midnight, according to Star Clipper's website. 

And for all you Cera-worshippers who are only looking at this post because of the upcoming film based on the series...fine. The latest trailer's behind the cut. 

But you really should read the books too! Literacy, guys! 

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