Off With Their Heads! A Soulard Bastille Day Photo Essay

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Reading the Charges.jpg
Photos by Keegan Hamilton
The King and Queen (Don and Jeanne Kirby) stood trial for high treason and public drunkenness.
Exactly 220 years ago this past Wednesday, the French Revolution culminated with the decapitation of King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. The occasion, known as Bastille Day, is a national holiday in France. In Soulard -- which literally translates to "Drunkard" in French -- it's just another excuse to parade through the streets and wear silly wigs.

Here's a few photos that epitomize the mood during the parade that rolled down Russell Blvd and into Soulard Market Park Friday evening.

Bastille Signs.jpg
The parade kicked off in front of Nadine's Gin Joint on 12th and Tucker

I want a head.jpg
Commoners can be so crass.

Drum Line.jpg
Drum lines were HUGE in the late 18th century

King Yell.jpg
King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette stopped their carriage at several bars along the way.

La princesse -- c'est mignon

France Horse Flag.jpg
This horse's ass belong's to France

The moment of truth.

Off With Their Heads.jpg
Nothing like a good decapitation to get the weekend started

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