Primary Source: Read the Ruling that Absolved the Church in John Doe AP v. Archdiocese

Illustration by Vlad Alvarez
Whatever happened at the clubhouse in 1971, the judge ruled, the Church isn't liable.
In this week's cover story, "Sins of the Father," you can read about the Mehlville man known as John Doe who claims that in 2002, he recovered the memory of Father Thomas T. Cooper sexually abusing him back in the summer of 1971.

When he recovered the memory, Doe couldn't sue Fr. Cooper, who died in 2003. But he did sue the Archdiocese of St. Louis for failing to supervise the clergyman.

Then last March, a 22nd circuit court judge ruled -- with a rationale unprecedented in Missouri -- that Doe's action fails, because any abuse would've happened off church property and outside of church control. Below is that ruling (or click here for the PDF):
Circuit Order & Judgment

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