Police Chief Equates Speed Cameras to Acne

Tim Fitch: Won't zit zilent.
St. Louis County's top cop had some more entertaining things to say this week about the use of speed cameras in Missouri.

Speaking to KDHX's host D.J. Wilson on Monday, county police chief Tim Fitch referred to the cameras as special kind of irritant -- acne.

"You're going to see these cameras pop up like pimples overnight," warned Fitch, who made headlines in March when he came out against the use of the cameras in Charlack.

Fitch, a guest on Wilson's Collateral Damage went on to say that he foresees many more cash-strapped municipalities using the cameras in the next year. The earliest the Missouri Legislature could put an end to the use of the devices would be August 2011.

"Between now and next August you're talking about millions of dollars and that's the incentive," said Fitch.

Last February state representative Michael Corcoran (D - St. Ann) filed legislation that would limit the use of speed cameras. His bill, however, never made it to the floor for a vote. 

In June Country Club Hills became the third north county surburb to use the controversial speed cameras. Listen to Fitch's interview on KDHX here.

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I recently got a ticket in Cool Valley, which is hiding a speed camera,behind a beauty supply on the parking lot of the commerical business, because the,state of Missouri prohibits the use.of there speed camera on the street they have found a loop hole in the State Law and placed the camera on a private business to generate revenue! They,are not trying stop speeding just trying to get greedy in these small muncipal areas like Cool Valley. I am going to contest the ticket and ask them for the calibration certificate on the camera, how percise can a mobile camera be? I don't believe I was speeding.


Bella needs to find out what the law is and what it means.1. The law is codified, these tiny hamlets are setting up troll booths to fund their hamlet through taxing non-residents.2. State law prohibits city ordinances to write speed tickets to generate revenue. Ordinance are ONLY allowed to facilitate the flow of traffic.3. All the evidence points that there was a conspiracy. meeting of these local hamlets with the speed camera supplier telling them how they can raise money with speed cameras.4. The local captain for Missouri Highway Patrol is against this enforcement action on his turf....he does not do revenue generating in front of city hall, he does not want city hall taxing non city residents on his freeway.

West County
West County

I think Chief Fitch is right. If I remember correctly, he NEVER said he was against speed cameras. What he said was he was against them because some communities use them to make money, but claim it is for safety. He also said if the revenue from the cameras went to schools instead of cities, he would be in favor. The cities with the cameras are against that idea. Why do you think they'd be against that idea if the true reason for the camera in their town as safety?????

Jimmy Swanson
Jimmy Swanson

So ridiculous! Feel like politicians/police officials should be behind these cameras. Do they make money, yes. But off of people who feel like it is not a big deal to run a red light and put others safety in jeopardy.

Feel like they say these things just to gain popular notoriety.


The problem is that for a citation to be valid an officer needs to be physically present.


What is so bad about catching people breaking the law, fining them for doing so, and using the money to benefit the city? Last I checked, it was the duty of the police to enforce the laws in the best, most efficient manner possible. In times when budget cuts are limiting the number of officers on the road, I would hope Chief Fitch would support measures to maximize the abilities of his department.

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