Chris Powers' Attorney Confirms He Is Suspect in Carnahan Firebombing

susan roach.jpg
Roach: Powers retained attorney last week.
I just got off the phone with Susan Roach the attorney for Chris Powers, the man whose name was leaked yesterday as a possible suspect in the firebombing of Congressman Russ Carnahan's campaign building last week.

Roach confirms that her client is a suspect in the police investigation into the attempted arson at Carnahan's headquarters. Powers retained Roach last week shortly after police released him from questioning. 

Roach says Powers is a former journalist and resident of St. Louis who volunteered and worked for Carnahan this summer before having a "parting of ways" with the campaign. She says that Powers remains a supporter of the congressman. Moreover, she doubts that he is the only suspect in the case.

"We have information we believe makes [Powers] totally exculpatory," says Roach.

The attorney adds that she's unsure why her client was initially picked up as a suspect. "He certainly wasn't discovered anywhere near the scene," she says.

Roach confirms to Daily RFT that Powers matches the description -- 50 years old and white -- that police gave of the suspect questioned last week. However, she says her client is not "bat-shit crazy" as had been surmised yesterday by Daily RFT.

"My client takes umbrage with that comment," says Roach.

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