Does Bishop Marty Sigillito Have Ties to a British Hovercraft Scam?

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Super-fast hovercraft? This thing just keeps getting weirder...
Clayton attorney and American Anglican bishop Marty Sigillito stands accused of running a $45 million Ponzi scheme that, allegedly, fleeced regular Joes and members of the St. Louis Racquet Club alike. He's currently under federal investigation. For more, see our cover story, "White Collar Crime," out on newsstands this week.

Our brethren over at The Pitch in Kansas City did some digging last week and here's what they discovered: It appears that Marty Sigillito and English real-estate developer Derek Smith are linked to a pair of Brits who ran an alleged scam involving giant super-fast hovercraft.

Check out The Pitch's blogpost here.

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