Josh Kezer Settles Suit With County that Wrongfully Sent Him to Jail for 16 Years

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An innocent man comes to terms with folks who took 16 years of his life away.
Josh Kezer, exonerated in 2009 after serving 16 years in jail for the infamous murder of Angela Mischelle Lawless, has settled his suit against Scott County and some of its former law enforcers.

According to Kezer's attorney, Charlie Weiss of Bryan Cave LP, the terms of the settlement will not become public, but Kezer will be getting "several million."

You probably remember this case (or maybe you saw it on CBS's 48 Hour Mystery).

In 1992, Lawless was shot thricely and left to rot in her car on I-55 near Benton, Missouri. Scott County law enforcers arrested Kezer, but according to the civil complaint he filed against them, they did so based on unreliable information and suppressed evidence in the process.

Thanks in part to an excellent, in-depth feature run by Post-Dispatch in 1997, Kezer's case was revisited. He was released last year. Richard Callahan, then a Cole County judge, said at the time that:
"There is little about this case which recommends our criminal justice system. The system failed in the investigative and charging stage, it failed at trial, it failed at post-trial review and it failed during the appellate process."
Weiss recalls that on the day Kezer was released, the very first thing he wanted to do (literally, upon driving away from the jail) was to thank the judge.

When he did, the judge counseled the man to go to college. Weiss tells Daily RFT that Kezer has already taken the judge's advice and completed an accounting course at Columbia College. He plans to pursue a college education, Weiss says.

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I want to know how the CUNT who wrongly fingered him feels now. Hopefully, she kills herself.


The worthless sheriff and prosecutor should both be put in prison for 16 years. It is lazy idiots like the two of them who give our justice system a bad reputation. Fools like them make the many good police and prosecutors we have work twice as hard.


Josh really touched me and let this be a lesson to all that just because they (law enforcement) say it is so, it is sometimes not even close to the truth


that judge was a godsend.


Wake-up call America!  Our justice system is disgracefully flawed.  Many, MANY innocents are prosecuted and convicted with, and without, due process more concerned with keeping legal system officials employed and paid than with meting out justice.  Careers are built upon easy convictions.  The easiest are made when innocent people without resources, assuming they are protected by the truth, are railroaded into prison by a presumption of guilt that is exacerbated by their inexperience with the legal system and their inability to afford capable legal representation.  The public only makes the jobs of incompetent, lazy prosecutors even easier by its blind assumption that the finger of accusation is proof of guilt. 

Josh Kezer is only one of an endless stream of wrongly convicted who has been persecuted by America's system of injustice.  I applaud the efforts of all those who sought, and achieved, the overturning of his conviction and the retribution for that travesty of justice.  My heart is with you Josh!


God damn shit like this is fucking scary.

Yet you have assholes that assume guilt whenever the police show up...

Annie Sisk
Annie Sisk

Excuse you, and your foul mouth, but it was several inmates at the local prison who told the authorities Josh had confessed that got the ball rolling here. 

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