Shahid Khan Gracious in Wishing Stan Kroenke Good Luck with Rams

Khan: Classy in defeat.
So, it's official. NFL owners today unanimously approved Stan Kroenke's bid to purchase the remaining 60 percent of the St. Louis Rams to become the team's sole owner.

"We are delighted with today's vote by NFL owners. It is one of the very high points of our long association with the NFL," Kroenke told media today. "We look forward to working with our fellow owners and Commissioner Goodell as the transaction is finalized and in the years ahead."

But perhaps the real newsworthy statement came from the man who Kroenke fucked over bested in his quest to own the team. That man is Shahid Khan, the auto parts magnate from Champaign-Urbana who first stepped forward to purchase the team this year before Kroenke exercised a last-minute right of first refusal to buy the franchise.

Said Khan in a statement today:
I have nothing but best wishes for Stan Kroenke as the new controlling owner of the St. Louis Rams. I have gotten to know Stan very well this year, I admire his success and I am certain he will be an excellent owner for the Rams, the National Football League and the St. Louis community. I'll always appreciate the trust Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez put in me, and I thank Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owners for their professional approach in everything related to the sale process. This adventure didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but it was otherwise a worthwhile experience in every respect and I'll always be a fan of the St. Louis Rams.

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While I believe mr. khan may be a good man, his company ventra here in grand rapids michigan is ran by incompetent idiots, place has an unbelievable turnover firing people for little or no reason , or if they find out your for having a union which is desperately needed they'll fire you very disrespectful supervisors and plant management


I can look at Khan and tell he's a good man. Best of luck to you Khan.

Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson

Shahid Khan would have been a great owner of the Rams.

Stan Kroenke is an ass, he treats people like crap, once Stan Kroenke double booked an arena, and we could not get a refund (only God knows why!)

Guys like Stan Kroenke are the reason our country is failing. He does not build companies but buys them, ruins them, and gets out while buying stock in other more successful teams, using his own team as payment. So the fans will lose out.

I think Kroenke paid the NFL bribes to get the Rams. Shahid Khan is a straight player, like all good Americans.

Rob Jones
Rob Jones

Mr. Khan is all class. I have worked for his company, Flex-N-Gate for 3 years. Last summer our business was real slow, he asked all salary to take a two week layoff, not uncommon in our business. Later that year, business was better and all employees were paid for there time off. Very generous.

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