UPDATED: St. Louis to Host the Other Premiere of The Other Guys

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What are you looking at? Oh, St. Louis's victory? Yeah, we would stare too.

UPDATED at 1:15 with info on how to get tickets 
Soooooo, what are you doing Thursday? Because you could be panting over a red velvet rope in Will Ferrell's general direction at the Wehrenberg Chesterfield Galaxy 14 Cine at the "other" premiere of Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's new movie, The Other Guys.

That's right, dudes! We won the Facebook poll! It's been a long, uh, two weeks, but we always knew you could click your little hearts out for this meaningful and coveted victory. 

More details to come as we hear them. In the meantime, get started clearing those busy Thursday night social calendars--we've got some famous people to gawk awkwardly at!

UPDATE!: You can win tickets to the premiere through 93.7 The Bull's website, by entering your email address on the linked page and crossing your little fingers that you win. The screening itself will begin at 7 p.m., but Wahlberg and Ferrell will walk the red carpet about half an hour before that. There will also be a chance to win tickets immediately before the screening at the theater. 

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