U.S. News College Rankings Put Wash. U. at Lucky 13

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​Hooray! This year's U.S. News and World Report college rankings are out! This is a chance for all college students, both current and former, to look through the rankings and claim bragging rights for their schools. These bragging rights are only good, of course, until college football season begins.

In this year's melee, St. Louis' very own Washington University came in at number 13, tied with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In case you were keeping score, this means Wash. U. has slipped one place in the rankings since last year. Oh sorrow! Oh woe! (Not that Wash. U. stands a chance at ever taking the top spot. The Number 1 university is always Harvard, Princeton or Yale. This year Harvard took it.)

The University of Missouri made it into the top 100 -- just -- coming in at number 94. But this was an eight-place jump from last year. And it ranked 41st in the public school category. Its St. Louis branch did not fare so well; it received a dismissive "rank" of Tier 2. Saint Louis University ranked 86, up from 88.

In the "regional universities" category, U.S. News' version of Division III, Truman State came in eighth in the Midwest, but was the top public school. Webster University was 24th and Fontbonne ranked 66th.

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