13 Reasons Your Exotic Dancer Hates You

It's a three-day weekend for most of us, but not for the hardest working women in show business: your local exotic dancer.

With that in mind, Daily RFT recently contacted some of our favorite East St. Louis strippers to ask them what we can do to make their Labor Day a bit more enjoyable/tolerable this year.

Here, then, is a list they helped us craft -- a list of things NOT to do.

1. We are professionals, not trained animals. We do not do "tricks" for dollar bills.

2. Ejaculating during a lap dance and then showing your friends the wet spot on your pants is not a badge of honor.

3. Asking if my boobs are mine is going to get you the answer: "Yes. They belong to me."

beer mints.jpg
4. Asking if my boobs are real is going to get you the answer: "Yes. They're real expensive." And, no, you can't touch them to tell your wife how good they feel.

5. Please don't blow on me. I may be "hot," but your beer breath is not cooling me off and it certainly isn't making me hot and bothered.

6. No matter how much "swagger" you think you have, you're not getting my real number. No matter how "in love" with you I pretend I am, when your money's am I. It's a strip club. So, stop asking.

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