Bradley Cook: Kirkwood Man in Sex Slave Case Denied Bond

The "slave' as she appeared on the cover of a 2007 magazine.
The yellow flag flying outside Bradley Cook's Kirkwood home on Big Bend Boulevard reads: "Don't Tread on Me."

Apparently U.S. Magistrate Robert Larsen, didn't get that message. Yesterday the federal judge ordered that the 32-year-old Cook be held without bond following a hearing in Kansas City.

Cook is one of four Missouri men accused this month of torturing and sexually abusing a woman held against her will as a sex slave. In yesterday's hearing, federal prosecutors alleged that Cook has a pattern of sexual abuse against women, including the his live-in girlfriend. Kirkwood police reportedly have been called to his home twice for domestic abuse.

In a federal indictment handed down earlier this month, Cook is accused of trading S&M videos with Ed Bagley Sr. (the slave's "owner") in exchange for allowing Cook to torture and have sex with the woman who Bagley allegedly took in as a teenage runaway and turned into a sex slave.

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