Don't Believe in God? There's a Billboard For That.

St. Louis' atheists will now receive a bit of positive reinforcement as they cruise west down I-64 near Vandeventer Ave, thanks to this brand new billboard:
Jesus Christ are billboards distracting or what?
The sign was bought and paid for by the Greater St. Louis Coalition of Reason at a cost of $6,000 as part of a nationwide advertising campaign by its parent group, the United Coalition of Reason.

What is the meaning of life this?

"Being visible is important for us," Fred Edwords, the director of the United Coalition of Reason, writes on the organization's website, "because atheists and agnostics in our society often don't know very many people of like mind. Furthermore, if people who believe in a god can be open about their views, why shouldn't we be open about ours?"

Now Edwords and Co. only need about 500 more billboards and taxi cab signs to catch up with those "Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of All the Americas" people.

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