Happy First-Day-of-Visible-Effects-of-the-Health-Care-Bill Day!

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Friends, think back to the darkness of six long months--plus one day--ago. Yes, that was the day before the Affordable Care Act, that damned health care reform bill we'd been hearing about and arguing over for seemingly ever, was passed. A new dawn, guys. 

Well, now that we've all forgotten about how excited (reminded, excited can mean upset too. We here at Daily RFT aim to be inclusive, except for people we don't like) we were when it was officially passed by Congress, today is the first day that Obamacare actually makes and damn difference --- uh...we mean...any change we can believe in. 

Let's just call it a holiday and celebrate by getting sick, shall we?

Here's some neat stuff that comes with the passage's six month anniversary:

Starting today, insurance companies can't strip you of your benefits if you become seriously ill. And if those jerks try, you can now appeal that decision in a slightly less bureaucratic way than before.

College kids can also piggyback on their parents' insurance plans, starting today. So young'uns, skateboard it up! Break all your little bones! It's fine that you're unemployed! But only until you're 26. When you turn 26, the slacking ends, and you'll have to find your own garshdurn health care. 

Flu shots fo' free! No more co-pays on preventative care.

Insurance companies also can't deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, or impose lifetime limits on coverage. 

That's not all that's happening today, but it's some of the cooler effects of the bill's passage. The Missouri Student Public Interest Research Group (MOPIRG) has provided a handy dandy Young Person's Guide To Health Insurance site to help navigate the ins and outs of the changes we'll be seeing in insurance and health care over the next few years. Older folks, don't be shy: This bill is my bill, this bill is your bill, this bill was made for you and me. Also known as: MOPIRG's page has really helpful information for you too. 

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