Illinois Man Acccused of Burning Homosexual Alive Gets 50 Year Behind Bars

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Was Jimmy Garrison burned alive for being gay?
Although Joey Ragusa, 45, of South Roxana, Illinois, maintains his innocence, a jury gave him 50 years on Tuesday for dousing Jimmy Garrison with flammable liquid and lighting him on fire at his home six years ago.

Some testified that Ragusa was upset with Garrison about a drug deal, but a pair of jailhouse informants told the jury that the victim's homosexuality was a factor.

On that fateful day, according to the Belleville News Democrat:
Garrison was burned over 77 percent of his body but managed to walk a block to the home of his boyfriend, John Duich, who called 911. Police have testified that when they arrived, Garrison's skin was bubbling with pus and he was screaming in pain....Garrison lived for 51 days in a St. Louis burn unit before he died.

More coverage in the BND here.

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