Jonathon Burns: St. Louis Conservative Activist in on Prank to Punk CNN

Abbie Boudreau: She would fall for James O'Keefe?
Jonathon Burns, the man who headed Citizens for Better Transit, the effort this past spring to block a tax increase for Metro funding, was reportedly in on a failed prank last month on CNN.

The ringleader behind the prank, James O'Keefe (made famous from his highly edited videos of ACORN last year), reportedly sent Burns emails outlining his plans to try to seduce CNN journalist Abbie Boudreau.

CNN is making a documentary on O'Keefe and his friends that is scheduled to air next month.

According to CNN, O'Keefe planned to get Boudreau on a boat filled with sex toys ("a palace of pleasure" he called it) and videotape himself seducing the journalist. The prank backfired when a woman working for O'Keefe's Project Veritas warned Boudreau about the gag.

Burns (with sign), O'Keefe in striped shirt and fellow activist Joseph Basel (suit) sabotage a gay-right rally in St. Louis last November.

This is not the first time Burns has teamed up with O'Keefe. As Adam Shriver at St. Louis Activist Hub chronicles, the pair were also involved in building a "gulag" on Washington University's campus to protest socialism and tried to sabotage a gay-rights rally outside the St. Louis Cathedral. 

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