Lawsuit: Victims Injured by East St. Louis Police Hoopty

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Finally! An excuse to run that photo of Jackie Gleason (as "Sheriff Buford T. Justice") in Smokey and the Bandit. Thanks, ESL!
Hey, it gets East St. Louis officers from Point A to Point Z. Who cares if the siren and police lights don't work?

That's the claim made by three St. Clair County residents injured during an accident with a police cruiser in April.

In a lawsuit filed last month the plaintiffs claim the East St. Louis police department knew that the siren and lights atop one of its vehicles were broken when assigning out the car to officer Beverly Miles.

According to the suit, Miles was driving her cruiser at a high rate of speed without the lights and siren when her vehicle slammed into a vehicle driven by Resheda Jones. Jones and two passengers -- Delon Scruggs and Byron Lee -- were injured in the accident.

Jones is seeking $20,000 to repair her car and pay medical expenses. Scruggs and Jones are each seeking that much for injuries sustained during the accident.

The East St. Louis police department could not be reached for comment.

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