Now THAT is a Child Porn Stash

stamp collection2.jpg
This is NOT what Joseph Emil Klug collected. (It was really kiddie porn)
Oh, Joseph Emil Klug. So many other things you could've collected: stamps, bugs, maybe just memories.

Instead, in Illinois federal court yesterday, 30-year-old Klug pleaded guilty to amassing a library of 12,000 videos and 59,000 pictures of child pornography, according a blurb this morning in the Post-Dispatch.

Let's be specific:
After an FBI search of Klug's home, Klug said that he had 80-100 gigabytes of child porn, much of it featuring boys ages 8 to 13, prosecutors said. Investigators found the pictures and videos and discovered other images Klug had made by filming boys with a hidden camera, they said.
Quite a lot of gigabytes. To put it in perspective:
Pee Wee's Big Adventure, which lasts about an hour and a half, takes up a gigabyte. If only half of Klug's stash was in video, then he would be in possession of more than 60 hours of child porn video (which, if you watched every day for eight hours a day, you'd need a week to get through it).

Happy Thursday!  

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