Odds That Gay Couple Won't Appear on Kiss Cam Set at 25 to 1

Actually, Phil, the odds of seeing this kind of love are good.
By now you've likely heard about the controversy over this weekend's Cardinals game in which a group of LGBT fans are hoping some of them will appear on the team's Kiss Cam during the team's first-ever "Out in the Ballpark" promotion.

Like a mercurial Tony La Russa releasing his lineup card right before game time, the Cardinals aren't saying whether or not they'll feature a same-sex couple on the JumboTron. Fans will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Tim McKernan over at insidestl.com has laid the first betting odds we've seen on controversy. According to him, it won't even be close. McKernan has the odds stacked 25 to 1 against gays on the big screen. Check out his rationale -- gleaned in part from interviewing those caught up in the debate and feedback from listeners to his The ITD Morning After radio show  -- here.

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