Roman Conaway: Anti-Muslim Loon Threatens to Blow Himself Up, Terrorist-Style

Conaway loves Stevie Ray Vaughn and hates the government on Facebook.
He dislikes Muslims but evidently admires the suicide bombs used by Islamic terrorists. His name is Roman Conaway and last night he held police and federal agents at bay for seven hours with threats that he'd blow up himself along with his wife and son and much of his Fairview Heights neighborhood if law enforcement dared to step on his property.

The FBI and local police first arrived at Conaway's Illinois home around 7 p.m. yesterday after receiving reports around 1 p.m. that he'd called members of the St. Louis Muslim community making threats against them and President Barack Obama. When the officers arrived at the home, the 50-year-old Conaway greeted them with a belt packed with what looked like C4 explosives strapped around his waist and a curling iron in his hand that he said was a triggering device to ignite two large 55-gallon drums filled with explosives.

The C4 turned out to be Play-Doh. The drums were filled with water.

Still, the cops took his threat seriously, evacuating nearby homes and negotiating with Conaway to surrender and release his wife and son. The standoff ended peacefully at 2:15 this morning.

Conaway's Facebook page offers some clues into his state of mind.

In several posts Conaway complains about his insomnia -- at one point being awake 92 hours -- and a custody battle with his ex-wife in which he makes repeated physical threats against a  man named Brian.

Hours before yesterday's standoff, Conaway wrote on Facebook of his plan to burn six Qurans. He also wrote on Facebook during the standoff, telling friends to come to his home to document what was happening.
"i need everbody with a camera phone or video phone or video cameras to come to 9030 summit drive in fairview heights illinois. the media and your goverment thinks this isa joke. im not joking"
Another post from last month reads: "sometimes one needs to take justice in their own hands.that is a sure way to make sure they get what is coming to them.i bebeive in being judge and jury."

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Editor, please make corrections to this post. I didn't notice this until running across it again. But I am Roman Conaway Jr. Sister  and  you have the story wrong. I know media likes to build up the public for self gratifications, I understand you have to get paid etc for a good story. But the corrections here is a significant reason why my brother went to the extreme. You have it that he was going through a custody battle with his ex-wife. Whom ever that is? He wasn't having a custody battle with an ex anything. It was his daughter and her husband Brian. Whom Brian is abusive and to his daughter and my brother didn't like him hurting his daughter. She was controlled by Brian and their children, my brother's grandchildren were kept from him due to this BRIAN. His own family has connections and makes it hard for my brother and his family to help his daughter. So please make your corrections. Mary Conaway is his wife, there is NO EX-WIFE. Thank you,


Excuse me ...

There is an ex wife my mother my brother Chris mother as Chris and I are full siblings by jr and by his ex wife so stop living in a fairy tail as there is an ex wife ..

Thank you

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