The (Outrageous) Price of Weed in Missouri

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Ever wonder if your pot dealer is ripping you off? Or if the grass is really greener (and cheaper) in British Columbia than it is in, say, Columbia, Missouri?

Well, now there's a way to know for sure.

A new website called allows people to anonymously submit data about the potency and street value of pot in their areas, creating what they call, "a global price index for marijuana." The site was created earlier this month and, according to their blog, they already have more than 3,000 submissions from across the United States and Canada.

So how does Missouri's weed economy stack up against the rest of the country?

The site has nearly six pages of data for Missouri and -- sorry stoners -- our pot is supposedly among the most expensive and least potent in the nation. The Show-Me state is also rated as "very intolerant" with drug laws that are "heavily enforced."

Here's the map (click over to the website for an interactive version) with the red dollar signs indicating places where weed costs, on average, more than $400 per ounce.
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Low quality weed, according to their handy chart, sells for around $100 per ounce in Missouri while the good stuff will cost you upwards of $450 for the same amount. Browsing through the latest data submissions, it seems the going rate for an eighth (about 3.5 grams) is $60. Illinois looks to be about the same.

Compare that to Oregon -- a state conveniently located halfway between the marijuana meccas Humboldt and Vancouver, B.C. -- where a high quality eighth reportedly retails for around $40 and it seems that, yes, the grass is indeed greener (and cheaper) elsewhere in the world.

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