Top Ten Signs From the Gateway Arch September Tea Party Rally

Click here for a full slideshow from the Gateway to November Tea Party Rally.

On Sunday September 12, Tea Party members and their fellow travelers descended on the grounds of the Gateway Arch to protest the federal government. As with most political rallies, homemade signs were abundant and, as with most political rallies, more than a few of those signs raised some eyebrows.

10. Protesting the Federal Government on Federal Land

Okay, so this is more about the location than any actual signage. But we could not help but notice the irony resulting from this unique combination of setting and message.

Tea Party Sign 1.jpg
Kholood Eid

9. 2012 Will Bring Victory or Damnation

Well, at least she isn't talking about the Mayan calendar.

Tea Party Sign 2.jpg
Kholood Eid

8. Say What?

Umm, technically, neocon is short for neoconservative. But this is clearly more of a small-tent party. Irving Kristol, they don't like you any more than they like Barack Hussein Obama!

Tea Party Sign 3.jpg
Kholood Eid

7. Putting the "G" in Gmail

When did God get email?

Tea Party Sign 4.jpg
Kholood Eid

6. Elton John for Congress

'Cuz nothing says liberty like stilts and platform shoes.

Tea Party Sign 5.jpg
Kholood Eid

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